Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy Overview

Trigger points feel like knots just under the skin, and when pressing on these points, they can feel sensitive and painful, causing limited muscle mobility in any part of the body Trigger Point Therapy is a soft tissue technique that helps release tense and painful knots in your muscles and fascia, and helps correct posture and movement.

This is a one day practical, guided, hands-on course, suitable for those who are interested in adding Sports Massage Techniques to their Level 3 Massage.

You will learn:-

✓ What a Trigger Point is
✓ Symptoms they cause
✓ Benefits of Treatment
✓ Active and Passive Trigger Points
✓ History of Trigger Point Therapy
✓ Palpation
✓ Where to find Trigger Points throughout the body
✓ How to apply Trigger Point Therapy

This course is accredited with the International Guild of Complementary Therapy

Price is £165