Massage for the Elderly & Infirm

Massage for the Elderly & Infirm Overview

Massage for the Elderly & Infirm Herts

Duration: 4 Hrs over 1 Day (10.00am-2.00pm approximately)

Fee: £160 (£40 non-refundable deposit required)

Prerequisites: None, though would be helpful to have some knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology. Please check with your own insurance as to whether you would be covered. Alternatively, insurance is available through The IPHM.

Optional Kit: N/A

Qualification: Accredited Holistic Therapy Training – Herts Diploma. This qualification will enable you to obtain public liability insurance upon successful completion of the course. The course runs over 1 day which involves theory and practical training. You will be required to set up for, and safely and effectively, perform a treatment at the end of your training in order to pass the course, and successfully complete a theory test.

Have you ever worked with elderly, frail, or chronically ill clients and worried that you could do more harm than good? This workshop will outline and explain appropriate treatment strategies for working with clients who are elderly, frail, chronically ill, or injured. This course enables you to bring the benefits of massage to seniors and is suitable for massage therapists and those working in the care industry. It discusses the benefits, contraindications, the ageing process, appropriate techniques, and positioning of clients.

Course Structure:

· Health & Safety
· Anatomy & Physiology
· Why we age
· The ageing process and how the body changes
· Benefits, Contraindications and Considerations for Senior Massage
· Routine and how to perform the massage (including modifications of standard massage techniques)