Ear Candling Workshop

Ear Candling Workshop Overview

Ear Candling Workshop Herts

Duration: 4 Hrs over 1 Day (10.00am-2.00pm approximately)

Fee: £150

Prerequisites: None

Optional Kit:

Qualification: Accredited Holistic Therapy Training – Herts Diploma – Ear Candling – aka Thermo Auricular Therapy. This qualification will enable you to obtain public liability insurance upon successful completion of the course. The course runs over 1 day which involves theory and practical training. You will be required to set up for, and safely and effectively, perform a treatment at the end of your training in order to pass the course and successfully complete a theory test.


1. Course Content/Overview
2. What is Ear Candling
3. History of Ear Candling
4. Introduction, Health & Safety Law & GDPR
5. Professionalism & code of ethics
6. Hygiene
7. Contra-indications, Contra Actions & Examples
8. Benefits of Ear Candling
9. Anatomy of the Ear
10. Types of Product & Equipment
11. Consultation & preparation (with Consultation Form)
12. How the candles work, Safety & Observations
13. Face Massage Routine
14. Aftercare
15. Recommended Reading