Course Online for Mediumship Development

Course Online for Mediumship Development Overview

Course Online for Mediumship Development Herts

Whether you simply wish to apply what you learn for the benefit of yourself and close friends or colleagues, or perhaps become a professional Medium, this course will help you to achieve your goal, by developing your mediumship skills. This course is designed for the student who is new to Mediumship as well as the practised student who wishes to learn more. This Module in Mediumship has been written with the aim of allowing you to develop your own Mediumship potential.

Course Fee: £140 must be paid in full

Pre-Requisites: None. Suitable for complete beginners

Duration: This is a self-paced course, and there is no final date for completion, so that you may fit it around your family and work commitments. Tutorial support is available throughout. You will be required to submit 6 case studies to show your competence in Mediumship.

Accredited with the IPHM

Module 1. Codes of Conduct Ethics and Guidelines for Mediums
Module 2. What is spiritualism? The history of spiritualism and mediumship. modern spiritualism and the philosophy of spiritualism.
Module 3. What is a medium, How do mediums work, What is Mediumship, What is the purpose of mediumship and Why develop your own Mediumship?
Module 4. How to determine the difference between mediumship and psychic
Module 5. What are guides, helpers, doorkeepers and the need for protection?
Module 6. Why meditation and attunement?
Module 7. What is psychic awareness and development?
Module 8. What are the aura and chakras?
Module 9. An introduction to protection – your doorkeeper, meditation, psychic awareness, mediumship, and exploring the various elements and styles of mediumship.
Module 10. Developing Mediumship, and Channelling and Seeing Your Guides.
Module 11. Working with spirit in other circles.

Assessment and case studies, insurance details.

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