Course for Online Tibetan Acu Sound Healing

Course for Online Tibetan Acu Sound Healing Overview

Course for Online Tibetan Acu Sound Healing

This course will teach you how to safely and effectively give Sound Healing Therapy to your clients. You do not have to have prior knowledge of facials or working with hot stones.

This course can be studied from the comfort of your own home with no deadlines or timescales and is self-paced so that you are able to fit this in around your other commitments. Tutorial support is available throughout.

This course is for complete beginners or those wishing to add to their treatment menu, and each module will require approximately 7-8 hours of study. Once each module is complete, it is to be returned for marking.

CASE STUDIES – On successful completion of all modules, 6 case studies will be required, this can be 1 person six times,  3 people two times, or any variation.

This course is accredited by The IPHM,  and The IGCT and insurable with both (as always, if you are already insured, please check with your own insurance beforehand).,

Sound Therapy Treatment helps to bring us to a calm meditative state, enabling us to reach a state of balance, where we are still alert,  but allow the natural healing energies to flow.

This is a holistic treatment and therefore the therapeutic effects last long after the treatment is finished and can include many of the following:

  • Promote the flow of energy or “Qi” in and around the body
  • Opens the energetic pathways, alleviating stasis and relieving pain
  • Relaxes muscular tension
  • Relaxes adrenals, relieves stress and equilibrates the whole body
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Promotes deep and balanced breathing
  • Calming it facilitates balance and homeostasis in the body
  • Stimulates the body’s healing process

Course Content & Learning Outcomes

  • History and benefits of Tibetan Sound Healing
  • To learn about Chakra, Meridian and Aura Systems
  • Your working environment
  • Code of practice & insurance for therapists
  • Data Protection/GDPR/Client Confidentiality
  • Consultation including contra-indications
  • Contra-actions/ aftercare advice
  • How to use Singing Bowls, Tibetan Chimes and Tuning Forks
  • Marketing advice
  • Anatomy & physiology for this treatment

Course Fee: £140 must be paid in full