Course for Online Rose Quartz Facial

Course for Online Rose Quartz Facial Overview

Course for Online Rose Quartz Facial

This course will enable you to offer your clients a relaxing facial using the properties of Rose Quartz.

Successful completion of this course will enable you to gain insurance, and practice with the general public. This course is accredited and insurable with The IPHM and the IGCT, however, please check with your own insurance or association prior to booking.

CASE STUDIES – You would then have to complete 6 Case Studies (1 person x 6 times or 3 people x 2 times or 2 people x 3 times). Upon successful completion you will be sent your Practitioner Diploma.

Course Fee: £140 must be paid in full

Pre-Requisites: There are no pre-requisites, this course is suitable for complete beginners as well as existing therapists looking to add to their treatment menu.

Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction and History of Rose Quartz Facial Massage

• Introduction
• Course Objective
• History of Crystals
• What is Rose Quartz Facial Massage
• History and benefits of Rose Quartz Facial Massage
• Use of Oils
• Structure and function of the Face
• Contraindications
• Aftercare Advice
• Client Consultation

Module 2: The Energy Body and Chakra Systems

• The Chakra System
• The Human Aura
• Meridian Lines

Module 3: Acupressure

• What is Acupressure?
• How does Acupressure work?
• Acupressure Points for the face

Module 4: Client Care

• Client Consultation
• Consultation Form
• GP Referral Letter
• Under 16 consent Form
• Client Disclaimer

Module 5: The Practising therapist

• Hygiene
• Preparing your Work Area
• Health & Safety
• Professional Ethics
• Insurance
• GDPR/Data Protection/Client Confidentiality
• Marketing

Module 6: Anatomy and Physiology

• the Muscular System
• the Circulatory System
• the Lymphatic System
• the Nervous System
• the Skeletal System
• the Skin
• the Ear

Module 7: Rose Quartz Facial Massage Therapy

• Acupressure points relevant to the Facial Therapy Treatment
• Rose Quartz Facial Massage Therapy routine
• Rose Quartz Mini-Massage routine which could be incorporated into your everyday facial routine (if you are qualified in Beauty Facials)

Module 8: Case Studies

• Instructions
• Case Study template