Baby & Infant Reflexology Instructor Training

Baby & Infant Reflexology Instructor Training Overview

Our baby and infant reflexology instructor training is designed for qualified Reflexologists (or midwives) to gain the knowledge to either offer their services to parents, to enhance the bonding or deliver safe and effective training to groups.

Duration: 1 day (approximately 10-2)

Fee: £175

Section One
✓ Introduction
✓ Course Objective

Section Two
✓ What is Reflexology and its History of
✓ What is Baby & Infant Reflexology?
✓ History of Baby & Infant Reflexology
✓ Benefits of Baby Reflexology
✓ Child Development stages
✓ Baby Communication
✓ Baby Bonding
✓ Best time to perform a Baby
✓ Reflexology treatment

Section Three
✓ Contraindications
✓ Client Consultation
✓ Consultation Form
✓ GP Referral Letter

Section Four
✓ Hygiene
✓ Preparing your Work Area
✓ Health & Safety

Section Five
✓ Professional Ethics
✓ Insurance
✓ GDPR/Data Protection/Client Confidentiality

Section Six
✓ Marketing

Section Seven
✓ Anatomy and Physiology for Babies

Section Eight
✓ How to set up a Baby & Infant Reflexology Class

Section Nine
✓ Preparing for Baby Reflexology

Section Ten
✓ Baby Reflexology Routine